Give students the

attention they need.

Olympus Math improves students’ math skills by giving them content targeted for their deficiencies. Our adaptive learning engine keeps students engaged with content that is relevant. We help students achieve consistent success.
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Differentiated, Adaptive Education with Instant Intervention
Create a personalized learning experience
Our adaptive engine continuously assesses students based on topic performance and mastery. Students receive material (videos and questions) that is either more advanced or less advanced based on how they perform on the current material.
Improve student outcomes
80% of students who used our program for at least 20 hours in one semester improved mastery on weak objectives and passed state standardized exams. Olympus Math is already used in 35 school districts and has helped over 10,000 students!.
Use for Multiple Programs
Olympus Math is aligned to state and Common Core (CCSSI) standards) and supports all improvement programs including federal and state funded programs such as Response to Intervention (RTI), Targeted Assistance (Title I), and School Improvement.
Track in real time, anytime.
Use our multiple customizable reports to measure things such as topic mastery, topic improvement, time spent on each problem, and other things in an easy to use format. Track progress across multiple students, classrooms, and even schools. Import data into your LMS* for integrated reporting including EdModo, Haiku, and Vschoolz.

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The program helped Felix a lot and he is grateful and thankful he improved. Last night Felix was helping a friend in math! If it wasn’t for the help he got in the Olympus Math program he would not be helping anyone. He learned a lot through the program.”
Mother of Felix, an 11th grader
Individualized instruction for every student in a classroom setting.
Take Control of Your Classroom
Monitor every student in a classroom while providing a personalized experience for each student. Review every problem solved, student answer, correct solution, and the time spent on problem on an aggregate classroom sense or on an individual level. Intervene as necessary and help your reticent students without any embarrassment or peer pressure.
Help students when they need it

Constant assessment allows a student to get assistance when they need it, and not wait. When a student’s score is too low on any selected topic, they are instantly transferred to a live, certified, U.S. based math teacher for instant intervention. The scoring threshold on each topic is completely customizable.

Get started immediately
Olympus Math requires no software and works with any internet enabled device (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, apple products). We provide free tutorials and professional development to teachers and administrators to get started and have an easy to use interface for students.
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